What is a Miniforest?

The Miniforest – in Finnish: Minimetsä – is the newest addition to ‘A Million Trees to Finland’, an ongoing international initiative which seamlessly combines tree planting, plant knowledge, environmental advocacy, and art. Each Miniforest installation is a unique work of art that helps preserve biodiversity by providing bridges for animals and the surrounding forest, thus supporting the preservation of an area´s biodiversity. It includes trees, plants, flowers, tree trunks, rotten wood and edibles such as fruit trees, berries, and fresh herbs – to be freely shared by the surrounding communities.

The trees and plants are selected locally to suit the specific climate. A Miniforest extends the main inspiration of Finland’s Everyone´s Right, which allows free access to nature and waterways, and the right to collect natural products regardless of the ownership of the land. This right symbolizes the very essence of Nordic culture – social inclusiveness and the close relationship to nature where silence and space is omnipresent.

Miniforests are built both as permanent installations and as pop-up versions. The Miniforest can also be bought as a small version via our shop.

We warmly thank our science partners during 2022: CO-CARBON, Metsäbiotalouden näyteikkuna, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).