Seeding Event

Vantaa, Finland

Vantaa art museum Artsi is a contemporary art museum operating in Myyrmäki- It plays a key role in caring for, preserving, researching, and archiving Vantaa´sextensive art collection. With regard to contemporary art, Artsi’s focus emphasizes street, graffiti and performance art. Artsi also serves as a learning environment and discussion arena for various contemporary art and art education phenomena.

One significant example of this is Artsi’sparticipation in the art initiative, ‘A Million Trees to Finland’ as part of Myyrmäkitalo 30-year program. By participating in the project, Artsi wants to highlight the importance of the environment and nature conservation, and make its own contribution as an art museum to the promotion of natural diversity. In support of Artsi’s commitment, Vantaa City has provided a suitable place for planting tree seedlings, and assists participating Vantaa residents with planting them.

Seeding events