Seeding Event

Kunsthalle, Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

"We at the Kunsthalle Helsinki want to participate in the ‘A Million Trees to Finland’ initiative because it is a natural part of our institutional responsibilities. The project is a great example of how everyone can participate, and how small actions can lead to something big. We want to be involved in making it possible to plant a million new trees in Finland", says Nina Toppila, CEO of Helsinki Art Hall.”

Our second event in Helsinki this year was organized together with KunsthalleHelsinki on Helsinki Day. Helsinki Day is an annual celebration in Finland held on 12 June to celebrate the city of Helsinki. Kunsthalle Helsinki is a non-profit exhibition space founded by various Finnish artists and art associations in 1928. It annually presents five to seven major exhibitions and special events, with the main focus being on contemporary art, as well as design and architecture.  

Photo: Patrik Rastenberger

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